Carolyn's Bookkeeping and Training Service

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  • Bookkeeping on Reckon One, Reckon Hosted, Reckon Desktop & QuickBooks Online (Intuit).
  • Bookkeeping from general entry through to BAS Lodgement
  • Reckon Accounts (formally QuickBooks) consultations including:
    • Membership site including Email support
    • One on One Remote Client/Staff training
    • Product Advice & Sale,
    • Installation & Upgrades of your bookkeeping file,
    • Setup & Customising of your bookkeeping file
    • Specific training on your bookkeeping file for your specific bookkeeping situation
    • Troubleshooting on your bookkeeping file
  • Remote Support - Training, Bookkeeping & Troubleshooting


Our Consultations & One on One Training are generally via Remote & occassionally onsite at your business or home. We work on your computer, using your bookkeeping data file. If preferred we can train on my bookkeepings training data files.


We specialise in Reckon products including Reckon One, Reckon Accounts & Retail Point of Sale.

We also support QuickBooks Online (Intuit) and integrating with Receipt Bank.



Bookkeeping Rates

Bookkeeping Casual rateplease contact for a FREE constulation - we will then provide a weekly rate dependant on no of casual hours required in a week or an hourly rate, dependant on work required and services provided.


Bookkeeping Regular rate - please contact for a FREE constulation - we will then provide a monthly rate dependant on work required and services provided.

Services that can be provided:

  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Reports package specific to your requirements
  • BAS and/or IAS statement preperation and lodgement
  • Payroll services
  • Services can be preformed:
    • Offsite - my business using my computer and accounting program
    • Remotely - using your accounting package - desktop or cloud program
    • Remotely - you forwarding documents and using my accounting program 



How long are Consultations

A consultation would normally last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on your business set-up and type of consultation. In some circumstances a number of consultations may be required to achieve your desired results.

Type of consultations could be:

  • Troubleshooting of an existng bookkeeping file
  • Setting up of a new bookkeeping file for a new business
  • Upgrading an old bookkeeping file into a new bookkeeping file - due to either a very big/slow bookking file or a corrupt file
  • Training (either one on one or small group of staff) on how to use their bookkeeping file to its full potential


How many consultations will depend on certain things which include:

  • Your current skill levels,
  • The complexity of the business,
  • How quickly you pick things up.


As a General Rule:

Somebody new to Reckon Accounts will take between 8-12 hours to get "up and running" - ie invoicing & banking, recording expenditure correctly and reconciling bank accounts.

An existing user may require an initial 2 to 4 hours to assess their skills and current file setup, especially if using the integrated payroll. As we find the Payroll is not correctly setup, but once you correct it, all of the existing data is automatically corrected.

Then a regular Consultation (eg. once a quarter) can be really beneficial for streamlining procedures, fine-tuning your skills and Reckon Accounts bookkeeping file, or sorting out those transactions that need extra attention - enteries you are not sure how to handle them (eg. bad debts, stale cheques, refunds etc)

In the end, you are the one who determines how often we visit.

What are the Consultation/Training Charges?

Consultations and One on One Training are charged at $110 per hour [including GST].For one on one training on site for a group of staff, please request a quote.

If Travel is requirede we charge at $1.35 per klm for the round trip.

Travelling further afield, may require an overnight stay, this cost will be oncharged to you.


Our Area of Service

We are based Queensland. And can offer Remote Support throughout Queensland




Want to Book or find out more?



This entitles you to received notes on how to do things in Reckon Accounts.

“By signing up to my Yearly membership service, you are able to access the membership area on my web site or email me info on what you are trying to do in Reckon Accounts, if it is possible I will email you back notes on how to do it."

There is no limit to the number of emails you can send during your 12mth subscription.


If you are opening a new store for the first time, or have decided to upgrade from a cash register, then Reckon's Retail Point of Sale is what you need.

Finding the right software is one thing but you then have to find the point of sale hardware that is compatible with your software, it also has to be compatible with your accounting software. Carolyn at Carolyn’s Bookkeeping & Training Service can solve all of the above issues in one easy step.

We are not just a retailer of Point of Sale software. We can supply all the software, the hardware package, including Touch Screens & Touch Screen Computer Packages and accounting software.

Carolyn has RECKON Accreditation in Point of Sale as well as Reckon Accounts. We specialize in the setting up and training not just the Point of Sale software but also on the accounting software [Reckon Accounts] as well.

Carolyn has written her own Point of Sale Training Manual for use in training POS Clients and their staff.

Our knowledge and experience has come from attending training course and hands on experience using the system.

If you wish to implement a Point Of Sale system or already have Reckon Retail Point of Sale and need some training or support, then please don’t hesitate to contact Carolyn’s Bookkeeping &Training Service ... visit our contact page for details.



When upgrading your bookkeeping file to the current version you will have to do several upgrade steps to achieve this. Because this can be a daunting task for some, consider letting us do it for you. We have been trained in the correct upgrade procedures.

It doesn’t matter how young or old your bookkeeping file is we follow the same procedures when we perform an upgrade.

The upgrade procedure may sound simple, but at times this can be a very challenging task on some files.


How long does it take to Upgrade your file?

As the old saying goes “How long is a piece of string?” If it is a basic bookkeeping file and we encounter no major problems it may take 1 to 2 hrs. But because every upgrade and every bookkeeping file is completely different, and because of the size and complexity of your bookkeeping file is different, we can not estimate how long it will take.



This can take on many forms.

When you are having trouble with any aspect of your Reckon Accounts or Retail Point of Sale and you cannot solve it yourself than give us a call to Troubleshoot and see if we can find a solution to your problem.

This can be preformed onsite or remotely.